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Empty Spray Bottle

Empty Spray Bottle

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Sometimes you just need an extra bottle either to dilute product or replace an old one. Whether it's a replacement or an extra so you can give a sample to a mate we've got you covered.

  • 16oz (473ml) to mix or hold your favorite products!
  • Blank label to personalise your detail products
  • Use to dilute products
  • Includes sprayer
  • Great for buying in bulk (1 gallon) and using in a smaller bottle

Adam’s Empty 16oz bottle seems simple, and we get it. Sometimes you need an extra bottle handy to dilute your favorite concoction of products, or just to replace an old one. Adam’s 16oz bottle comes with a blank label that is permanent marker friendly to make scribbling your own name on it a breeze. Whether it’s a replacement or an extra so you can lend a buddy some product, we’ve got your covered and stocked up to keep your detailing quick and painless.

NOTE: Adam's does not recommend the use or dilution of Microfiber Revitalizer or Strip Wash in this bottle as it can make the plastic brittle over time and lead to leaks and/or cracks.

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