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Interior Detailing Brush (Large)

Interior Detailing Brush (Large)

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An extremely soft Interior Detailing Brush with a long handle to clean delicate surfaces and get all the cracks and crevices clean inside your vehicle. The perfect tool for removing dust on piano trim, nav screens, gauges, & more.
  • Removes Dust & Dirt From Gauge Clusters, Nav Screens & More!
  • Incredibly Soft Bristles for Delicate Surfaces
  • Metal Free Design with Textured Grip Area for Comfort
  • Durable Construction for Trouble-Free Use
  • 9" (22cm) Long by 1.75" (4.5cm) Wide Bristles

Adam's Interior Brushes are versatile cleaning tools that are an excellent addition to your detailing accessories. Spray a light mist of Adam's Interior Detailer or Adam's Leather & Interior Cleaner into the brush head to clean hard-to-reach spots like air vents, door switches, HVAC and entertainment buttons. Or dry the brush out, and use it to gently remove light dust from delicate surfaces like the instrument cluster, touchscreens, piano black trim, and the rearview and vanity mirrors.

The Adam’s Large Interior Brush is made of the same metal-free, rigid construction and has super-soft bristles for chemical agitation on the most fragile surfaces. The bristles are curved and have a round head design that measures 1.75” (4.5cm) at the longest portion down to 1.25” (3.1cm) at the shortest edges of the brush head. The 1.5” (3.8cm) Diameter is perfect for hard to reach areas and fully cleaning the surface with the dense bristles. The long handle allows for ergonomic and extended comfort over repeated usage, meaning you can lose the stubby feeling brush and reach the longer paint-brush style for those deeper cavities.
Adam’s Interior Brushes are perfect for cleaning, decontaminating, and cleansing a surface of debris, grease, or grime without the risk of scratching. The synthetic boar's hair gracefully cleans the surface and whisks grime away instead of grinding it into the surface.

Clean up is a breeze as well. Thoroughly rinse either Interior Brush with warm water, using your fingers and thumbs to work out any chemical, gently squeeze the bristles to remove most water, then hang from the hole in the handle to air-dry.

Keep a small one in the center console for cleaning when you're away from home too. 

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