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Leather and Interior Dressing

Leather and Interior Dressing

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Dress your Leather & Interior components without the leather scent and leave a matte finish behind.
  • Silicone & Wax Free
  • Matte Finish
  • Odourless formula
  • Adds A Layer Of UV Protection
  • Conditions & Moisturises
  • Safe on Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, and Non-Porous Interior Surfaces

Adam’s Leather & Interior Dressing is a matte finish, odourless interior solution for dressing, protecting, and maintaining your interior components. This product is designed to dry to a matte finish and contains no silicones or waxes that can cause fragile leather surfaces to harden over time. Adam’s Leather & Interior Dressing contains UV blocking technology, keeping your surfaces rich, supple, and fresh. Adam’s Leather & Interior Dressing is formulated specifically to work on natural, unsealed leathers (also known as vegetable dyed and aniline leathers). Because they are safe for even these special leathers, they are also safe for use on any leather products or non-porous interior surface

Adam’s Leather & Interior Dressing is a water-based moisturizer to provide the best dressing materials for your leather and non-porous interior surfaces. As your car takes on more mileage and usage, your interior surfaces are the only things that continue to get worn away when you’re not driving. The average interior temperature of your vehicle on a 21 degree sunny day can easily reach over 37 degrees after just 30 minutes outside, slowly diminishing your seats, dashboard, door panels, and interior components. Leather interiors have many similarities with our own skin when it gets hot and weathered -- Our interior surfaces swell as they grow warmer and constantly expand and contract through the seasons, this promotes premature cracking, tearing, and flaking of leather dashboards, seats, and headrests. In order to properly protect those surfaces, it is crucial to have a UV blocker and moisturizing conditioner to replenish what is lost when we are away.

Adam’s Leather & Interior Dressing is based on research into the methodology used for cleaning and preserving precious ancient leathers in museums. Unsealed, or natural, leather requires special treatment if it’s to stay soft and pliable over time. Because the pores of this type of leather remain open, conventional alkaline cleaners can be very destructive to the fibers and can drive dirt deeper into the leather instead of removing it. Likewise, conventional leather conditioners containing silicone and waxes can seal the pores, actually causing the leather to harden over time because the leather can no longer ‘breathe’. Adam’s Leather & Interior Dressing is silicone free, it penetrates deeply into the leather fibers, conditioning and protecting without sealing the pores in the leather and non-porous interior surfaces. Your fine leathers will remain soft and pliable over extended periods of use without the need for conditioner. Adam’s Leather & Interior Dressing contains no fats that can oxidize and go rancid, it will not form spew (white crystal ‘frost’ that is caused by the breakdown of many fats and oils over time). Try Adam’s Leather & Interior Dressing today for all of your leather, vinyl, and non-porous interior surfaces!

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