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One Step Polish

One Step Polish

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Adam's One Step Polish is an all-in-one product that polishes to remove fine imperfections while adding protection and gloss.

  • Safe on clear coat, single stage, or lacquer paints
  • Use with Adam's One Step Pad, or a variety of machine polishing pads
  • Easy application and removal
  • Low Dust Formula
  • Removes 2000 Grit Sanding Scratches
  • Long open time for heavy cutting and fine scratches
  • 12oz (354ml) Bottle

Adam’s One Step Polish is an all-in-one polishing product that cuts heavy oxidation and finishes to a brilliant shine and removes imperfections while adding depth and gloss. Utilizing diminishing abrasive technology, Adam’s One Step Polish is designed for use with Adam’s One Step Pad or any of your favorite polishing pads. Adam’s One Step Polish is suitable for all paint types. This product is formulated to correct and refine mild to heavy scratches, swirls, paint defects, oxidation, and up to 2000 grit sanding marks.

Adam’s One Step Polish combines a blend of polishing agents with diminishing abrasives that grind down to a fine polish to cut heavy scratches and fine oxidation. The long open time allows for the user to have an increased cycling time to refine the cutting abrasives to a fine polish. This all in one system has a low dust formula that allows for easy cleanup and controlled use, even when working over body seams and trim. Adam’s One Step Polish is safe on clear coat, single stage, lacquer paints, and even gel coats! The body shop safe blend of ingredients allows for easy application and removal to reveal a brilliant shine.

Adam's One Step Polish is a super effective way to remove the majority of surface imperfections, swirl marks, and light scratches in your paint. 


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