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Surface Prep

Surface Prep

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An Isopropyl Alcohol based solution to remove any existing residues or surface contaminants left behind during the polishing process. This product is to be used before applying a coating.
  • Special lubricated formula infused with 30% IPA concentration
  • Use on paint, plastic, and chrome surfaces
  • For Use Before Ceramic Application
  • Removes traces of cleaners, polish residue, and other contaminants
  • Easy spray-on, wipe-off solution

In the detailing world, it’s become a testament that preparation is key. Caring for your towels properly, polishing paint to perfection before ceramic coatings, claying the surface before applying wax… Detailing is a combination of compounding steps to ensure a perfect finish is achieved and properly maintained. The highest achievable rank of protection Adam's have to offer is their state-of-the-art ceramic coatings, which require multiple steps to ensure a flawless application. The last step before the ceramic coating process is a thorough wipe with an IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol) based solution to remove any existing residues or surface contaminants left behind during the polishing process. If this step isn’t executed properly, all the hard work and efforts you’ve previously performed can all go to waste.

Adam’s Surface Prep leaves surfaces bare and free of any residue, as a necessary step before applying an Adam’s Ceramic Coating. This new adjusted formula allows for the towel to easily glide over a panel, reducing the risk of final scratches, and quickly evaporates after wiping with the increased amount of IPA concentration.

Ceramic coatings like Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating provide extremely durable protection using cutting-edge technology to the detailing community. Adam's Ceramic Coatings use Si02 (silica) to provide long-lasting protection. However, before applying a ceramic coating, it's very important to take the necessary steps to make application of the coating a smooth process. The surface needs to be as clean as possible to accomplish this. 

After a proper Two Bucket Wash and Visco Clay Bar treatment, if necessary, we strongly encourage paint correction by machine polishing before using one of Adam's coatings to your vehicle’s paint or wheels. Ceramic coatings are a more expensive investment than other protection products like Buttery Wax, and they also require more technique to apply. Once the surface has been polished or scrubbed to appear as perfect as possible, this is where Adam’s Surface Prep steps in. Adam's Surface Prep will remove any remaining residue on trim pieces, as well as polish residue and dust on paint, leaving the surface bare and as clean as possible.


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